How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Such of easy project we can do by ourselves – The questions of how to paint kitchen cabinets are one of the common questions that we often hear. The answer is easy. We can do the painting cabinet with a series of processes that is easy and not complicated. There are some things we need to do before doing the work and having a good plan is the first thing that we must have. By having a good plan, then we can produce a higher quality of work. In a good planning, we have to incorporate a number of lists that will be done and we must go through during the process of painting the cabinet work ranging from the amount of funds that we have prepared, the type of display we want to get, the type of paint that we will apply, to the paint color we choose.

awesome kitchen cabinet painting » How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

For those not accustomed to doing this work may be little difficulty, especially if we do not get help from professionals. Well do not worry because armed with confidence, we can surely do the job and the following are the steps that must go through the painting.

(1) Remove all the doors and drawers of the kitchen cabinet with the aim to reach difficult areas. After that, remove all hardware including hinges, knobs, handles, and more.

(2) Clean the kitchen cabinets of all kinds of dirt, including grease and fat by using cleansers that we can get from a local supply store. Clean all parts of the kitchen cabinets either on the inside or the outside.

(3) Once clean and dry, then the next step is to do the sanding. Sandpaper all parts before starting painting kitchen cabinets by using good quality of sandpaper.

beautiful kitchen cabinet painting » How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

(4) Perform painting kitchen cabinets by applying primer to the early part of the painting. After that, let the kitchen cabinets are completely dry before applying the paint with the colors we want. We can repeat the processes of painting for 2 times or more depending on the quality of the color we want and let the kitchen cabinets are completely dry.

(5) Replace all hardware, doors, and drawer back in place and voila, we have gained a fresh new look of the old kitchen cabinets.

And the question of how to paint kitchen cabinets already answered, right?!. Anyway, make sure we do the painting job at a place that is well ventilated and comfortable so it does not make us work in air siege full of paint, which certainly is not good for health.

simple kitchen cabinet painting » How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

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