How to Paint a Room

Make your room get to change into better lookHow to paint a room? This is one question that is often asked those who wanted to give a different look by painting a room without having to hire professionals. Yup, doing the painting on the wall of a room is one of the DIY jobs that we can apply very easily. Before starting, make sure we have determined that we will paint color apply with regard style decor we want to apply and also the size of the room. Choose bright or soft colors for a small room, and choose make sure we do not apply a dark color because it will only make a small room look full and narrow.

fresh room painting colors » How to Paint a Room

To start the job, we will need some equipment ranging from brushes, primer, ladders, rollers, interior paints, sandpaper, and some other equipment.

Step 1, we want to clean the wall paint from a variety of dust and dirt. Ensure that all the old paint that is still attached so we get rid of the new paint will easily attached. If we apply the previous wallpaper, then make sure we take it off before doing the painting – do not do the painting over wallpaper.

Step 2, make sure the room is not stuffy there are a number of vents or openings sufficient so we do not get stuck in the air filled with chemicals contained in paint.

Step 3, plan how many layers we are going to apply. Usually there are 3 layers 1 of primer coating and 2 layers finish.

Step 4, apply primer to the entire surface to be we do the painting using a brush.

warm room painting colors » How to Paint a Room

Step 5, pour the paint in the interior of the roller pans and start painting – start from the ceiling and then to the wall of the room. Do not pour all the paint into a roller pan to avoid the drying paint.

Step 6, do the painting room of dry areas leading to the wet area. This will help reduce the buildup of paint.

Step 7, let the paint dry completely.

So, if there are questions about how to paint a room, and asks us to practice it, we’re ready, right?!.

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