How to Install Ceiling Fans

Get basic knowledge with electricity before applyHow to install a ceiling fan is one of the common questions that many of us find when turning on the internet in order to ask the same thing. There are many sites that will explain to us every step of the installation of ceiling fan so hopefully everyone who reads it can do the installation without having any trouble. As we know, the ceiling fan is one of the important items that serve stale air and odors issuing from the room and replace it with fresh air. In addition, the design and style offered was quite varied so as to give additional beauty to the room as a whole.

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Before starting the installation work ceiling fan, it’s good for us to examine the skills that we have. When we have the talent to handle electricity, then we already have the basic knowledge to be able to do the installation. Yup, have a basic knowledge of electrical connections and wiring, and understand building codes (specify height fan and other electrical wiring details) is an important thing that we must have. If we do not have enough courage to do the installation or we do not have enough experience with electricity, it would be nice if we call the professionals to do it.

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The work we do will be the first time in the project how to install a ceiling fan is shut off the power grid, removing the ceiling fixture, check whether the box has enough support to hold the weight of a ceiling fan or not, make sure the braces between joists to provide support the weight of the fan. Next, connect the mounting brackets on the work-box, and after the bracket is in place, connect the colored wires to each other using wire nuts. When we have finished connecting all the cables, plugs the fan canopy, plug blades, lid, and do a test by turning on the electric fan. Make sure the fan is working and not sway, and finish. We have conducted a series of mounting a ceiling fan with success. Well done!!.