How to Clean the Patio Sliding Doors

The patio sliding doors are a little bit different than the other kinds of door that you use for the patio area. The thing is that this kind of door will have railing as the place for the door. Also, the door will mostly be made from the glass material to make it more elegant. And those things will make you need to find the other method to clean the door. This is because the glass and the railing will need special treatment to keep them clean.

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Cleaning the Patio Sliding Doors

You may be able to start the job by cleaning the glass panes of the patio sliding doors. Usually, you can use the glass wiper along with the glass cleaning liquid. If you have no wiper to clean the glass, you can use the pieces of the papers to clean them. You will be able to see the fibers of the paper on the glass afterwards. But you will not need to worry as a wipe of dry paper will be able to clean them again and give you the clean and clear glass pane. But remember to avoid using fabric for this, especially the ones with the soft fabric.

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Meanwhile, for the railing, you can use the vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dirt from the patio sliding doors. You might also want to use the small sweep to get the dirt that has been sticking to the metal railing for a long time. If your railing has some stains on it, you can use the solution of sodium to get rid of the stain. Just buy some soda and mix it with some warm water, then pour it down to the stained area. It will be able to clean it just right.

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