How to Apply Efficient and Easy Small Room Dividers

If you have the room and want to add several partitions, small room divider is the right choice. Several ideas are applicable as the room divider. You do not have to redesign the room with new decoration. On contrary, divider only keeps one space and another privately.

More Details of Small Room Dividers

There are several reasons why you need small room divider. In city, most people live in apartment. Some of them are lucky enough to obtain apartment with several rooms. On the other side, many people also live in studio apartment. For intimacy and privacy, the room divider is necessary.

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Several ideas are applicable to be room divider. You do not need to change the entire layout for new space. Adding divider is simple because it is only plug and play. You can attach and reattach it anytime. This flexibility creates versatile room arrangement. When you need more privacy, put the divider in unclosed mode. It will look like closed cubicle.

  1. Curtain and hanging divider

The first idea for small room divider is curtain or known as hanging room divider. You can use curtain to create one spot for privacy. Usually, this idea is applicable for the bed section where you do not want people to watch you while sleeping.

Keep in mind this idea is different from bed with canopy. You can extend the hanging divider, not just for the bed area. Private spot like office is important to be in hidden area. You do not want others to create disturbance and distraction, right? One issue is this kind of divider only protects from the sight not sound.

  1. Bookshelves

The most common way for adding separator is bookshelf. You can use big shelf that’s usually for books. The benefit of this divider is it’s reliable for enclosed spot. The bookshelf has height that reaches the ceiling. You can seal one spot and another closely where no one can see what’s behind that shelf.

When adding bookshelf, you also have enough room to enter and leave each other. For flexibility, the bookshelf is preferable with locked rolling. You can install it easily and adjust the room space. When you need more area, just change the small room divider composition. It is difficult when the divider is in fixed mode. With rolling wheel, you just push or pull the shelf until it reaches the necessary amount of space.

As alternative, you may use other shelves as long as it’s capable to seal the room at enclosed mode until the top ceiling. The shelves are more practical because the divider also acts as storage. Besides the books, you may put things in those shelves. With many variations, the shelves contain cabinet and drawer.

  1. Slatted wood

If you want the real divider, slatted wood seems to be the right choice. You can see through wood layer, but it can turn into enclosed mode. This slatted wood is practical when folding or rolling mode is available. When you need extra space, fold it to another direction for extra privacy. Folding door is quite similar to slatted wood, but the material is varied, such as metal or vinyl.

There are many ideas to apply related to small room divider. Bookshelf, curtain, slatted wood, and folding door are few examples that are applicable to many spaces. As long as the divider is functional, everything will be in the right order.