Home Bar Lighting Fixture Design Ideas

There is some home bar lighting fixtures that we can apply in order to give a more WOW and one of them is to apply lighting pendant. Pendant lighting is a type of lighting that will provide stunned views on the home bar and here are some tips that we can apply when applying.

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(1) We can apply the pendant lights as one of the lighting fixtures for the home bar that will make the bar atmosphere becomes more intimate. There are many options for shape, color, canopy, size, type of bulb, and wires that we can get. Although usually applied as a single lighting unit, but we can apply multi task lighting from pendant to consider several things. By applying pendant lighting, then we had the opportunity to have more freedom in placing it on top of a home bar, providing the flexibility that we want (especially for the size of the pendant length), and is able to provide ambient light settings.

(2) There are two kinds of pendant that we can choose to then we apply a selection for home bar lighting fixtures namely mini pendant lighting and a large pendant. When we decided to implement a mini pendant, then we will get a centralized lighting with shade width of about 6 inches. Another advantage that we can get by applying mini pendant is we will get a more intimate light output and softer. When we decided to implement a large pendant, then we will get more light with shade width up to more than 12 inches. So that we can get the result by applying ambient lighting large pendant, choose a shade of the pendant that does not result in greater than 12 inches.

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(3) In addition to the two types of lighting pendants above, we will also find multi pendant lights that will make us get some lights that are connected to a source with the size and shape of different canopy.