Herb Garden Design Ideas

Get a right design and enjoy your gardening activities – If we want to apply the herb garden design, then there are some designs that we can apply. (1) Determine the appropriate place – as we all know, most herbs should be planted in a location that receives sun exposure for 4 to 6 hours a day and protected from strong winds.

(2) Make a formal herb garden – by implementing a formal herb garden design is structured, then we will get a balanced and orderly garden with a well-defined pattern. We can simply apply a formal herb garden in a square shape with regard traditional hedge boundaries. After that do not forget to add a central focus in the middle of the garden by placing a statue, little fountain, or other items that can function as a focal point. We can also implement other forms of formal herb gardens such as triangles, circles, half circles, diamonds, and other.

gorgeous herb garden design » Herb Garden Design Ideas

(3) Make an informal herb garden – it is a garden that is designed using fine structure equipped with a short fence and lines made ​​from a wide selection of materials ranging from gravel, grass, or stone. Applying herbs informal garden design will make us get a design that is relaxed, loose, and soothing.

beautiful herb garden design » Herb Garden Design Ideas

Other herb garden design that we can apply is to apply the theme gardens – in accordance with what we want, we can change the look of the garden from the gardens that are functional, decorative garden, garden monochromatic, and others. We can also make the herb garden as a garden that combines a variety of colors that contrast and blend textures. Develop what is our imagination and creativity to design herb garden in accordance with what we want. For information, herbs that we use can be differentiated into 3 categories: culinary herbs, medicinal herbs, and ornamental herbs. Decide which category we shall present in the herb garden that we have – whether one of the three, or all three at once, or a combination of all three.

charming herb garden design » Herb Garden Design Ideas