Green Roofs Building Design Ideas

wonderful green roofs building - Green Roofs Building Design Ideas

Green roofs building is one way that we can do to cool the building while adding carbon dioxide magnet to the room underutilized. Implementing green roofs will take us on a range of positive impacts on the environment including the management of the storm, has the ability to cool the hot weather, and of course by implementing green roofs we have been supporting the Go Green program because it is more environmentally friendly. Green roofs typically have a longer life when compared to a conventional roof, able to absorb rainwater, reducing the need for drainage systems are costly and complex, and on a wider scale, green roofs will improve air quality.

vintage green roofs building - Green Roofs Building Design Ideas

As we know, green roofs is not something new – it has been known for thousands of years ago in which we recognize the existence of The Hanging Gardens of Babylon are equipped with irrigation systems are incredibly complex so as to make it as an amazingly beautiful park and is known as one of the 7 wonders of the world. We will find two types of green roofs building are intensive and extensive.

For intensive green roofs, basically used for elevated parks where we could get a complex structural support, including irrigation, drainage and root protection layer.

For extensive green roofs, we would find the fact that this is not functioned as a roof garden that can be accessed but is used solely to benefit the environment. We can find there are so many buildings that implement green roof, along with the awareness of the people to preserve the environment.

Implementing green roofs offer anyone to get an area that can make us able to enjoy the beauty of the green plant while relaxing on the roof. It is one of the infrastructures that bring us to a lifestyle that is more environmentally friendly, efficient, beautiful, and gives a lot of benefits both for ourselves and the environment.

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