Garden Pavilion Design Plans

If we want to enjoy the beauty of the garden without having to be exposed to sunlight, exposed to rain shower, and a comfortable, then we can apply the garden pavilion. It is a place that is where we can relax and unwind while enjoying the beauty of the gardens. Before applying the pavilion in the garden, then make sure we have a careful planning. Also, do not forget to prepare a few items that we will put in pavilions ranging from tables, benches, sofas, chairs, and lots of pillows. For pavilion flooring option, make sure comfort because this is the most important thing. There are several options pavilion floor that we can choose and the following is the list:

(1) Tiles – practical, easy to clean, durable, and affordable;

(2) Slate – durable, has an interesting design, the price is relatively more expensive, and

(3) Sea-grass matting – cheap price offered, must be replaced periodically, easy to accumulate dust and other impurities including animal hair;

(4) Wood – durable, attractive, natural, scratch and dent prone;

(5) Linoleum – cheap, easy to clean, practical, though not as attractive as natural materials.

charming garden pavilion design » Garden Pavilion Design Plans

In addition to considering flooring options are used, the other important thing that we must consider is the position of the garden pavilion. To be able to look good from any corner of the garden, it is much better if we lay the pavilion hidden in the corner of the garden or we can put it in the middle of the yard near the main access from home. As for the selection of construction, choose materials that are built to suit the climate so as to survive from the attack of any kind of weather. Choosing pavilion with sturdy construction will provide protection from a variety of ‘attack’ weather throughout the year and be able to give us a clear view to enjoy the gardens.

gorgeous garden pavilion design » Garden Pavilion Design Plans

It also will depend on the area in which we live – if we make a pavilion made ​​of materials such as stone fitted with a double glass window, then certainly we live in an area that has four seasons. When we have a pavilion with an open design and concept, it stands to reason we live in the tropics area where the wind will often hit us every time we are in the pavilion.

fabulous garden pavilion design » Garden Pavilion Design Plans

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