Garage Bike Rack Design Ideas

Great choice to store your bike – This article describes about the function of garage bike rack and some type of racks for bike that we can choose with consider the availability of the room (stand up, single folding wall mounted, multiple bike rack pole, bike pulley, and bike hooks). We can also find the pros and the cons of the types of bike racks each.

Garage bike rack is one of the ways is apt to be applied when we want to create more space in the garage. It also would be a surefire way to apply when we have a garage with a limited size so that all the things we have to think carefully including obtaining the proper way to store a bike that we have. Other functions that we can get from the bike rack: made into a garage display looks neat and makes us easy to get what we want because the conditions were organized.

simple garage bike rack » Garage Bike Rack Design Ideas

Here are some types of racks for bicycles that we can apply in the garage.

(1) Stand-up style – this is one type of bike rack that has been chosen by home owners who often use bikes and love the convenience. We simply push the bike out of the rack and voila, within seconds we had to get a bike. Unfortunately, we will spend quite a lot of floor space when we decided to use this type of rack so that when we have limited floor space, it is better to not use this rack.

(2) Single folding wall mounted – this is one type of bicycle rack that requires little floor space with a simple design. The price offered for this type of rack is quite affordable and we can easily do the installation on the garage wall. So, how do we pick up or put down a bike? Well, we just have to lift the bike up to the rack or lifting it off of the shelf time of need. To be able to implement this type of rack, we should have enough space on the wall and this is a shelf that can only be used for one bike only.

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(3) Pole – this is one type of bike rack that can make us save a few bikes at the same time with two options – attaching it to the wall or free standing. This is the kind of rack that will make us save more space with one weakness – we are not going to be easy to access the bikes that are on the top of the pole.

(4) Pulley – this is one kind of rack that has a unique style, easy to use, and easy in access. By using a pulley system, we simply raise or lower the bike we want. To be able to implement this type of rack, we must first install a pulley on the garage.

(5) Hooks – this is one of the most simple bike rack among other types of garage bike rack where we can put a large hook and apply the screws to the wall or ceiling for storing bikes. Make sure we get a hook with the best quality and the right size so that it can support the weight of the bike.

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