Front Porch Wooden Railing Design Ideas

Porch railing is commonly used for perimeter that separates your home with direct front yard. It is also for safety purpose since the wild animal might enter your home easily. One of common options is front porch wooden railing. You can order directly and install it easily. As an alternative, DIY wooden railing seems to be the interesting option.

Important Aspects of Front Porch Wooden Railing

frontporch wooden railing design » Front Porch Wooden Railing Design Ideas

Before exploring the designs and styles, some aspects are necessary to know. This porch is mainly for safety and decoration. In that case, the design must support both purposes. The decoration relies on the way the porch integrates with house exterior.

  1. Porch railing and house exterior

Actually, you can have any porch as long as it is compatible to exterior. However, the house has various styles, such as the old, minimalist, modern, renaissance, cottage style, etc. Therefore, the porch railing must be adjusted to the style you have in exterior side.

Living in rural area has a risk, especially if there is wild forest nearby your home. Animals that live in that forest may come during the day and night. Some of them are dangerous that increases the danger level. For safety purpose, you need front porch wooden railing.

Both aspects influence the way you choose porch railing and installation process. Wooden balustrade is the most common style. It consists of two horizontal frames at the top and bottom where many wooden will connect and stand. It looks like the railroad, but the material is wood.

  1. Pros and cons

This style has pros and cons when installed as front porch wooden railing. The design is practical and easy to adjust in any exterior style. Any house can have balustrade railing. The structure is designed to hold the top and bottom part at the same time. For the wood, you can have simple balustrade with ordinary stands. Another option is the design with artistic touch, even the craved wooden.

In addition, some balustrades use close covers at the bottom in order to prevent something climbs to the porch. This cover is a protector that makes the railing look higher than usual. Based on standard installation, 42 inch is enough for the height, and you may add more if necessary. The railing must be safety when children play around and cannot climb easily from the porch side. Therefore, balustrade height should be at least a half of adult height.

  1. Durability

One common issue regarding front porch wooden railing is durability. Wood needs the quick installation and easy adjusting. For the drawback, it cannot withstand the extreme weather for long period. In that case, the railing must have regular maintenance. When heavy snow and rain comes, you need clearing all debris and leftover immediately.

Moreover, wood is also fragile when insects start to infect and spread the harm. This is part of safety measure that you must know. Check every section of railing and kill the insect immediately. One scratch will lead to another issue. Some animals are strong enough to break the railing. You must strengthen it with extra layers and pillars.

From what have been explained, front porch wooden railing has pros and cons. The interesting part is you can reduce the disadvantage easily. This is why wood becomes popular material for porch railing. With many styles, choose the one that’s compatible to your house.