Front Porch Design to Enhance the House Exterior

Looking for the right front porch design is important for homeowners who have vast property. Completing the house with a porch is indeed something interesting and useful to make it look even more amazing. If now you are looking for the proper design for front porch, here is the further information about it.

Types of Front Porch Design to Choose

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There are quite a lot of designs that you can choose when it comes to front porch. It is essentially the first thing that people see when they are entering your property. That is why the front porch design must be selected carefully to match the entire style of the house. This is the list of five best types of designs suitable for any front porch.

  1. Front Entry Porch

The most classic porch here is this front entry porch. The porch is only installed right in front of the main entrance. It looks incredibly simple yet quite appealing to enhance the aesthetic value of the house. This is the type you should consider when you have minimalist house.

  1. Farmer’s Porch

The next front porch design is the farmer’s porch. This type of porch is suitable for houses with rustic and vintage design. It makes the house looks even more urban and old-fashioned. The porch is like installed not only on the front part of the house, but also on the sides and rear. It is adding the cabin-like look to the property with ease.

  1. Screened-in Porch

Are you tired of dirt and insect going inside the house? If you are, the best type of porch for you to have is the screened-in porch. This type of porch for the front house is using screened wall. It works as barrier so that insects, dirt, and debris from the yards won’t fly and flow inside the house. It provides better privacy, too, if you wish some.

  1. Decked Porch

If you want to elevate the look as well as the height of the house, you can use decked porch. This type of porch is like a stage going on around the house. There will be stairs installed on the ground to take you up to the porch before eventually entering the front door. This front porch design is suitable for larger house and not for the small, minimalist one.

  1. Modern Porch

Modern porch is like having no connection to the house at all. It looks like a separated patio, but it is technically a porch. It is installed just by the front door, yet it does not have the traditional look of a porch.

Those are the suggested designs to make sure the front porch you are about to make is going to look dashing eventually. Of course, you do not have to stick with them. Instead, you can be as creative as possible in making sure the porch has the appropriate design. After all, the front porch design has to be selected according to your own preference.