French Country Kitchen Decorating Ideas

French country kitchen is a style that reflects a joy of life and the importance of the presence of friends and family around us. No matter where we live – whether in deserted rural or overcrowded urban, we could bring warmth, romance, and beauty of the typical French country-style kitchen is to consider a few things of course.

(1) Color – the color plays a very important role in the style of the kitchen is where we need to apply warm colors such as yellow mustard and butter, or cool colors such as blue on the walls. We can also apply a color to lighter shades as accents when we are planning to give a different look to the kitchen wall. For kitchen cabinets, we can choose a color scheme of blue or pink.

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(2) Lighting – enter a large amount of natural light in the kitchen is part of the decorations that we must realize.

(3) Furniture – to make an appearance in the kitchen French country style more attractive, then we must make sure that the furniture that we apply is furniture made of wood including kitchen island, dining table, chairs, kitchen cabinets, and various other items. If we want to display a stronger impression of the countryside, we can also use secondhand furniture that will give us two advantages – displays a more authentic for rustic impression, and present in a more affordable price when compared to new furniture.

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Another thing that we must consider in applying the French country kitchen is applying accessories. There are many accessories that can we enter into the kitchen in order to strengthen shades ranging from hung dried lavender on walls or ceilings, apply a vertical storage area, using a variety of cooking utensils made ​​of wrought iron, apply a hook to hang a variety of equipment in the kitchen walls in order to create more space and maximize storage space in kitchen cabinets.

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