Freestanding Bathtub Design Ideas

Freestanding bathtubs are one of the types of bathtubs are offered at a cost that is not too high that can change the look of the bathroom into a better and more attractive. It is a kind of free-standing bathtub w that is not attached to the wall or glued to the ground so that they can make a big difference in the way that seemed more modern bath when compared with other types of tub that attached to the side wall.

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When we decided to get freestanding bathtubs, then there are a number of advantages that we can get. Feel curious? Well, let’s check the list out.

(1) Easy in terms of installation – this is one of the types of bathtubs are much easier to install than other types which we do not need to build the podium, no need to install ceramic, and make adjustments between the wall with one another. By applying the types of freestanding bathtubs, we will only need 4 items are wooden shims, wood glue, Polythylene sheet, and mortar.

(2) A wider range of color options – to get a more modern look, we can get a mixture of several colors for bathtubs of this type that cannot be found in other types of bathtubs are usually offered in one color only.

(3) Produce a charming visual display – to implement this kind of bathtubs then we had the opportunity to make it as the center of attention of the bathroom.

gorgeous freestanding bathtub design » Freestanding Bathtub Design Ideas

(4) Location – this type of tub does not limit for us as homeowners to choose the right location. We can put in place that we want without having to fear with what we get. Try to compare with other bath tub that is usually mounted on the wall and have only limited access. This is clearly different from that freestanding possible for us to put it in a place that we want so bathtubs can be the center of attention of the room.

Choosing to get freestanding bathtubs will give us a lot of advantages. However, if we have a small bathroom, it’s good to rethink. Elements save space and create more space that we must uphold for the small bathroom may not be able to do if we are indiscriminate in implementing this type of tub. Why? Because this is the type of tub free placed anywhere. Calculating the size of the room should be done carefully because if we carelessly, the look of the bathroom will appear chaotic and unpleasant to look at. Yeah, in other words this is the type of tub that fits applied to large-sized bathroom.

awesome freestanding bathtub design » Freestanding Bathtub Design Ideas

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