Feng Shui Living Room Decorating Tips

charming fengshui living room 735x400 - Feng Shui Living Room Decorating Tips

If we intend to apply feng shui living room, then there are some guidelines that we have to consider and implement. In order for the living room is able to accommodate all of the good quality of life, the living room should be clean of all clutter, mess, and has good air flow. These are all the basics of feng shui that we must apply to the living room wherever it is located.

In addition, a nice living room is the living room which has a clear organizational system. Yup, this means that we should not mix up the functions of the living room itself. If we want to have a playroom for the kids, for example, then give its own space and do not make the living room as a multipurpose space that will only give us extra work to clean it each time the room is used not according to function.

Make a map of energy for every room in the house, and get the best things for the living room, including for color, material, and form in line with the science of feng shui. If the living room is located in the southern region according to the science of feng shui, then we must incorporate a number of elements that can strengthen the position of the living room with put element of fire and wood elements. We can represent these two elements in a wide variety of items with colors such as red, yellow, orange, green, and brown.

As for the arrangement of furniture in the living room which is in accordance with the science of feng shui is to make sure that any settings applied not impede the flow of energy, creating a comfortable and warm areas, and ensure that the air flow freely and smoothly. Do not forget to make sure no sharp energy in the living room area as this will have a negative impact on the living conditions according to the science of feng shui. So that we are not wrong in doing arrangements and incorporate various elements into the living room, then entrust the needs of feng shui living room to the experts are things we can do.