Faux Wood Materials for Home Furnishings

When we talk about faux wood, then we will talk about one of the material that has the look like wood. This is one material that is made of several components that are compacted and then glued together and polished to produce a display like wood so it is often also referred to as engineered wood. Because it is not made of solid wood, the price offered by this material is quite cheap. We can get a wide selection of designs, styles, and colors that will make us dazzled because of the degree of similarity with wood very high. Unfortunately, this type of material sometimes contains harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, so it would be better for us to choose the product or the type of material that is safer for health. Along with the advancement of age and the development of technology, now we can find a wide selection of products that are more environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

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By using this kind of material, then we can apply it in different views of home furnishings. However, before we decided to implement this type of material, there are some things we need to know.

(1) This is one material that is not resistant to water and moisture;

(2) This is one material that is not suitable to be applied outside the room (when we live in humid climates);

(3) This is one of the materials that contain chemicals and dust when contaminated will lead to health problems including respiratory problems).

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In the development, we will find some kind of faux wood are: hardboard to laminated veneer lumber. For hardboard, this is one type of material commonly found in construction (including the floor). Nature is stronger, more durable, and works fine as a basic floor for various types of flooring. As for laminated veneer lumber, this is one kind of material that is stronger than regular hardwood, not easily bent or curved as well as regular wood. It is a product made from the compression some plywood strips were tied tightly with adhesive resin-based, which is then coated with resemble of real wood. Typically, this type of material used for building in areas that are less responsive to weather. Surely by using this kind of material, then we have the opportunity to obtain a high flexibility in terms of choice of colors and designs in order to give maximum display in the room.