European Home Decor with Several Designs and Styles

Home decoration has many designs and styles from simple to complex arrangement. One of top list is European home decor that’s common to spread in many countries, not limited in Europe continent. However, this style is still vague and contains vast customized design. To be more specific, you need to specify what European style that wants to apply in home decor.

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European home decor Concept and Style

  1. Modern design

Europe has many countries, and each has its own style regarding home decor. However, you will find modern design as the most common in many residential areas. House is designed to adjust with what human needs the most for living. This style is also common in America, Africa, and Asia since it is applicable and practical.

As we know, a home consists of living room, bedroom, kitchen, porch, dining room, bathroom, and few additional spaces. Some houses look similar because they are created by the same designers. Therefore, this is what you will see at the first glance for European home decor.

  1. Industrial decor

The next style is called industrial decor. In past time, Industrial Revolution changes factories and manufacturing to produce products. Many factories were built with the rooms specifically for machinery arrangement. Industrial home decoration adopts factory style to be residential area. For your information, some apartments were abandon factories that still had some installation made for production process.

  1. Minimalist style

Minimalist style is raising star in the list of European home decor. America is known for big house because it has many spaces and lands. On contrary, many cities in Europe are crowded, and housing is issue due to limited land. To overcome this situation, home decoration creates minimalist approach. Anything in house is for practical use only, although some aesthetic aspects are still available.

  1. Renaissance and gothic

One of popular styles from Europe is renaissance and Gothic. Both define what Europe in old time. Renaissance style becomes applicable to modern housing as it focuses on the function. On the other side, Gothic is easy to identify from exterior decoration. Of course, homeowner does not take both styles in fixed mode but adjust it with what should be available in recent era.

  1. Victorian style

Victorian style started in United Kingdom during the reign of Queen Victoria. In that time, the design expanded to other countries in Europe continent. As pinnacle of European home decor, Victorian style has unique touch that combines practical and aesthetic aspects.

  1. Eastern and traditional decoration

Modern civilization makes the culture blend, and eastern home decoration is common in Europe. Immigrants from Asia bring their culture and heritage then apply in their living. Of course, home is not as similar as it should be because they need to blend with local culture.

  1. Mediterranean home decoration

Another strong influence for European home decor comes from Mediterranean home decoration. Countries from Mediterranean area have strong political influence including culture and language. They create their own design for home decoration. You can identify their home easily if living in Mediterranean countries. Besides, such style spreads to other countries even around the world.