Energy Efficient Home Design Plans

If we intend to implement energy efficient home design when we want to revamp current home or building a house, then this is a very clever way. By applying the design of energy efficient homes, then we would save more energy and money. In addition, we will also get a residence that is more comfortable and durable. Before applying the above system, then there are some things that we must consider start from occupant behavior, weather conditions, location, home electronic appliances, lighting, insulation and air sealing, water heaters, heating, air conditioning, windows, doors, and other. Some of the above must be note so that we can optimize the energy efficiency of homes.

creative energy efficient home design » Energy Efficient Home Design Plans

Here are some tips or ways that we can apply to start getting energy efficient home design.

(1) Insulation – as we know, apply insulation in a sufficient quantity can make our homes get more energy saving and we can apply it in various places ranging from the floor, attic, exterior walls, and others. Adequacy of insulation will maximize energy efficiency and result in a decrease of the cost of electricity bills.

(2) Window – the window is one item that is not only as a sweetener overall looks of the house, but also plays a role in the high and low cost electricity bills we pay each month. For that, choose energy-efficient windows are widely available on the market today. No need to hesitate to buy it because this is the type of window that is quite affordable, popular, and would make us save more money for the bill.

clever energy efficient home design » Energy Efficient Home Design Plans

(3) The location of doors and windows – well, the position is said to be affecting both the energy efficiency of homes. Therefore, both of these items should be placed with attention to how much natural light that can be inserted through both.

(4) Solar panels – utilizing solar panels to power all the electronics and electrical equipment in our homes is a smart way to make us save more money and energy.

smart energy efficient home design » Energy Efficient Home Design Plans

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