Duplex Home Design Plans

By applying duplex home design, then this will allow for us to get a house that is affordable according to taste. It is a home that will make us get the design as two apartments or bungalows. It is one kind of house that can be found in the town and very popular. Before applying this type of house, there are several things to consider, especially when we draw a duplex house plans. Keep in mind that the design style for both parts may be the same or completely different from where it will be largely determined by their respective owners.

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However, there are some facilities that we must get from the house such as living room, family room, bathroom, toilet, and a balcony. To be sure, this is the kind of home that cannot be used by the same family since it is home to the two owners who occupy each piece. Therefore, it will be important to ensure that we get the full privacy for both parts. One of the ways that we can apply in order to get full privacy is to apply a thick wall so that we can be sure there will be no sound can pass through the wall. Also, make sure that the hallway between the two houses should be separated from each other, make sure that both parts have different entrances at each corner of the house, and make sure that both parts have sufficient space.

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This is not an easy task when dealing with duplex house design because everything must be considered with extreme caution. Anyway, do not forget to put the toilet and bathroom in the area adjacent to the second part of the house that are intended to reduce the spread of the odor from one part to another part. Surely this is not a pleasant thing not when we get the odor because the area of ​​different bathroom area given us a variety of the same wall. One more thing we need to consider is to make sure that the duplex house designed by considering the position of the sun so that both can get sufficient sunlight.