DIY Bedroom Decor Ideas

Bring creative bedroom décor and be proud of it – Applying DIY bedroom decor is one of the easiest and cheapest ways for us who have limited funds but want to display a different décor in the bedroom. The bedroom is one room that is very private so stylish decoration applied therein will be loaded with the personal touch of the owner. As the room is used as a place to get some peace and comfort during rest, then the style decoration that applied must be able to make us feel relaxed as the owner. Designing a bedroom to include a personal touch that suits the character and personality we are usually done by any homeowner with hopes look to be more charming bedrooms. To be able to get the proper decoration design, then we can find references from various sources ranging from books, magazines, and the Internet. Get decoration that we want and realize the project we are working on our own.

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DIY project to enhance the look of the bedroom will not make us have to have advanced carpentry skills. We just need to develop the idea that we get and make it as DIY project that can make us proud of our own work. Here are a few DIY projects for bedroom decor:

(1) Make our own pillow is one of the DIY projects that we can apply in order to give the look more WOW in the bedroom. This is one of the most inexpensive and easy way to bring in a variety of exciting splash of color in the bedroom. For that, we will need a sewing supplies, fabrics, and filler cushion. Choose a fabric with a design or pattern that contrasts with the stylish decor of the room and see how the bedroom looks more attractive because of it.

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(2) Make the bed frame is one of the DIY bedroom décor projects that we can apply next. This is one project that will make us get a bed frame in a way that is super cheap. We will need wrapping paper with motifs adapted to the color scheme in the room and a few picture frames. In just a short time we will get a charming bed frame.

(3) Make our own jewelry box is a DIY project that we can do rather than spend lots of money to buy expensive jewelry box. We can make it from tea tin cans or other second-hand box that is wrapped with fabric or wrapping paper with interesting motif. Add hooks, and voila we have had in a moment of unique jewelry boxes that will allow us to store a wide collection of jewelry inside.

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