Different Types of Curtains and Drapes

Find out what the differences between them – When we talk about curtains and drapes, then we will talk about two items that have a lot in common because it is basically not much difference between them. They both serve to give a more beautiful look at the window, protecting the house from the blinding sunlight and also a variety of dust or dirt. To understand more about the differences between the two, so here are some of the parameters that we can use.

(1) Definition – curtains are fabric used to cover the window in which the fabric has a light weight, mounted on the rod with the help of various tools such as grommets, rings, pocket until the casing. While the drapes are fabric used to cover the window in which the fabric has a heavy load, line, and hung on the rod with the help of hooks.

simple curtains and drapes » Different Types of Curtains and Drapes

(2) Fabric – the fabric used for the curtains, we’ll find a fabric made from linen, sheer, and lace. While the types of fabrics used in drapes usually have a much more expensive price and elegant when compared with curtains. We can use different types of fabrics such as velvet, silk, and other.

(3) The pattern and length – we will find both patterns for a pleated or not pleated curtains with a length adapted to the size of the window that we have. As for drapes, usually apply pleated pattern in most designs. There are many pleated pattern that we can get with long drapes that always reach the floor regardless of the size of the window that we have.

(4) Purpose – compared with drapes, curtains made of thin fabric does not provide protection to the maximum in the room of light or dust. As for the drapes, we will get maximum protection from light or dust due to the thickness of the material held.

unique curtains and drapes » Different Types of Curtains and Drapes

(5) Privacy – when we see from the material used, then we can guess where the material that could provide more protection from dust, dirt, and sunlight. Yup, drapes made of thick cloth certainly able to provide better privacy than curtains which tend to give a bit of privacy.

(6) The elegance – with a quick look, then we would definitely choose drapes as champion. Drapes look more elegant than curtains because pleated and type of fabric is applied. In addition, long curtains that reach the floor are also increasingly adding the beauty of the curtain so it is suitable for us who want to get an elegant look, while the curtains tend to give us a practical and formal look.

So, which one from curtains and drapes we want to choose?!.

beautiful curtains and drapes » Different Types of Curtains and Drapes

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