Custom Faux Wood Blind Design Ideas

simple custom faux wood blind 735x400 - Custom Faux Wood Blind Design Ideas

Custom faux wood blinds are a perfect solution for us who want to get the look of natural wood but without the need to impress fractured or broken or split in the wood due to various factors such as the weather that is often fickle, sun exposure, up to the high humidity. Yup, and as the name suggests is a custom – then we can get the design and style that suits the size of the window that we have. It is an option that is in fact much cheaper than using the real wood blinds and of course the results are given not much different from that offered by the real wood.

We can get a charming decoration style by applying custom faux wood blinds for our home. Then, what is actually the type of material used to make faux wood blinds? Well, these types of blinds are essentially made ​​of natural materials and some made ​​a combination of natural materials (wood fiber) and artificial ingredients. If we want faux wood blinds with dependable durability then we can choose to apply the faux wood blinds that are made ​​of vinyl or a combination of vinyl and wood. Some of the other benefits that we can get faux wood blinds to implement include: easy installations, construction easily maintained, easy to maintain, less expensive, has the same look as wood, moisture resistant, and comes in a variety of design options that we can choose the appropriate with desire.

Getting custom faux wood blinds may be a little more expensive when compared with getting faux wood blinds are ready we use, but when compared to wood blinds we will get a more affordable price. With faux wood blinds get, we will have the opportunity to get a wide choice of texture, finish, and color. So, if we have limited funds but want to get the look like wood then get a custom faux wood will be a very appropriate choice.