Craftsman Home Design Plans

Craftsman home design presents the first time to bring a more relaxed style than Victorian styles and offered at prices more affordable. Currently, Craftsman home comes back and also adds a variety of home styles and designs that can be found. It is such styles of home that will make us get back memories of the past with smaller size and more economical when built.

magnificent craftsman home design » Craftsman Home Design Plans

At the beginning of creation, in the early 1900s Craftsman home designed by an architect named Gustav Stickley. Making this house is intended to be owned mass by anyone who wants, and in the next period we will find different variations and styles, made by some of the architects to make the display look Craftsman home more attractive. Today, we can find a Craftsman home built in various parts of the country and comes in a trendy look without leaving the grip has been determined.

fabulous craftsman home design » Craftsman Home Design Plans

Here are some features of Craftsman home today is much ogled back.

(1) The use of various types of local building materials for its manufactures;

(2) The use of built-in cabinetry that is applied in the dining room or used as a room divider so that we can get the dual function of the cabinet;

(3) The application of a more open design so that we will not find much room on craftsman style house;

(4) The application of a pair of windows up to three pairs;

(5) The use of wood materials in a variety of trim and other components;

(6) Apply a dark stain finishes;

(7) Using the bracket roof;

(8) Using the horizontal bands on the siding with a different finish on the top and bottom; and

(9) Apply a large front porch with tapered columns chunky. So, if we want to present a house with a design that is able to take us to the pleasant feeling of the past, then apply the Craftsman home design will be the perfect solution.

breathtaking craftsman home design » Craftsman Home Design Plans

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