Cork Flooring Tiles and Things You Should Consider Before Installing

Flooring uses some materials with high durability and capability. One of them is called cork that comes from bark of oak trees that always grow every year. That’s why most houses use cork flooring tiles. Furthermore, you need to know the pros and cons before installing cork for your floor.

cork flooring material » Cork Flooring Tiles and Things You Should Consider Before Installing

Pros and Cons of Cork Flooring Tiles

  1. Renewable and eco-friendly material

Cork is renewable material that comes from tree, which means it is eco-friendly source. Vast trees produce much cork that’s enough to fulfill the demand. After that, the trees will grow, and cork is started to produce again. It is different from wood that you should cut tree. People only take outer skin for cork flooring tiles.

  1. Unique, distinct, and elegant design

Cork has unique and distinct design with elegant pattern. The room with this material is like having nature aspect. Besides, most old houses have cork as their flooring because it is easy to decorate and blend perfectly to any styles.

  1. Soft texture

Cork is different from hardwood, even though both seem to be related each other. Cork has soft texture that contrast to hardwood with solid contour. Trees use cork as protection from external force, such as dirt, insect, water, snow, and stains. However, it is not shield to prevent deep cut. That’s why cork flooring tiles will have soft texture on surface. Well, cork is softer than vinyl and most resilient.

  1. Easy to finish

Another good reason to install cork is you can finish it with many designs. Some houses use extra layer to protect cork, but it still look elegant enough as decoration. In general, cork is susceptible to insect and leak. However, preventing it to happen is the best way to preserve this kind of flooring at house.

  1. Good insulator

You need insulator to keep the room in balance temperature. Flooring is the key to make sure you add proper insulator. For such purpose, cork is the most resilient and reliable material. The room with cork flooring is capable to prevent losing the heat easily.

  1. Not for cat and dog owner

Cork flooring tiles also have disadvantage sides to consider. This material is not the best option for dog and cat owners. Pets tend to do scratching on surface due to soft texture. As the result, you will see many scratch marks around floor. Unfortunately, those marks are not easy to fix except you put additional layers on top.

  1. Susceptible to sunlight

Cork is impermeable material to resist water and moist. However, sunlight is not best match for cork flooring. Extra sunlight will deteriorate cork façade, and the texture is depraved. However, you do not have to worry because capability is still intake.

Well, due to soft texture, any heavy object will leave marks. That’s why cork flooring tiles become out of option for the room with heavy furniture. Besides furniture, your shoes are capable to leave the thing, especially high heel. High force from above is the bad situation that cork flooring cannot handle.