Cool Selection of Outdoor Ceiling Fans

If at this time we are planning to install outdoor ceiling fans, then there are some things we need to pay attention because it will be very different from the installation that we found while installing the indoor ceiling fans.

(1) Generally, the outdoor fan motor casing is designed with sealed so that no moisture or water can get into the motor;

(2) We will get a ceiling fan components are made of stainless steel;

(3) We are going to get a cable made of good material which is equipped with extra protection;

(4) ceiling fan blades are made of durable material, strong, not easy to change color, moisture resistant, and resistant from sun exposure. Usually the blades will be made of ABS plastic;

(5) The light on the ceiling fans will be sealed at the top and is designed specifically to work well outdoors;

(6) All owned hardware designed to hold water so that the water does not easily fit.

unique outdoor ceiling fan » Cool Selection of Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans to be applied outdoors does have different specifications with indoor ceiling fans. For that, we have to make sure we choose a ceiling fan that is consistent with the goals and needs. When we are desperate to install an indoor ceiling fan in the outdoor area, then that will happen is the damage to the ceiling fan in a short time. Surely this is not something that we want, is not it?!. But instead, we can install the outdoor fan into indoors. Many people who do this because they think the design and style of the outdoor fan is more interesting and varied than the indoor fan.

beautiful outdoor ceiling fan » Cool Selection of Outdoor Ceiling Fans

To note, there are two types of outdoor ceiling fans that we can get by distinguished the placement or the location of the fan itself namely damp locations and wet locations.

(1) Damp locations means, this is a ceiling fan that is designed to handle moisture but not having direct contact with water or rain. It is a ceiling fan that is very fitting applied to the patio or other outdoor that protected from water.

(2) Wet locations means, this is a ceiling fan that is designed to handle direct contact with rain that could be installed in all locations.

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