Cool and Attractive Hanging Front Porch Light Fixtures

Homeowner tends to hope that their house look good both from inside and outside. They wish to make their house looks inviting to other people. Picking house items for the outdoor use is quite challenging, especially if you want everything to look perfect from the get go. In this article, you will see some interesting hanging front porch light fixtures.

hanging front porch light fixtures » Cool and Attractive Hanging Front Porch Light Fixtures

Attractive Hanging Light Fixture Designs for Your Front Porch

  1. Contemporary Bird Cage Fixture

This fixture looks a lot like birdcage. Its straight cut design provides it contemporary look that would suit modern house perfectly, though. The light fixture gets bronze finishing that looks gorgeous and elegant. It is equipped with 6 feet chain that can be adjusted to accommodate sloped ceiling as well.

  1. Tall Square Hanging Fixture

It is one of hanging front porch light fixtures that combines the mood of industrial and romantic architectural styles. The fixture is equipped with T-shaped light bulbs. Its frame has rigid geometric shape that is softened by the circular hoop on top. This fixture has zinc finish to enhance the industrial look.

  1. Classic European Street Fixture

If you want something that looks more traditional, this fixture should be the perfect choice. It has elegant rounded top with carved accent that tapers as it goes down. The frame is adorned with crystal clear hammered glass to create rustic look. It has cool black finishing.

  1. French Countryside Garden Fixture

This is another sample of hanging front porch light fixtures with timeless look. In general, it looks like a hut with square base and classic top. You can see some leaf accents on the side of its glass. The fixture gets nice bronze finishing that really enhance the antique vibe of this light fixture. It will suit perfectly in cottage style house.

  1. Regal Style Bronze Fixture

The most palpable part that you can see in this particular fixture is the wavy glass effect that is done to its champagne glass material. It has subtle pink brown color that will be other light coming out from bulbs inside to something soft. Overall, this fixture has interesting Mediterranean style. Some leaf details are also added to the frame.

  1. Spanish Casa Style Fixture

Spanish house’s light fixture and overall architectural design inspires this fixture. It has intricate twisting design that frames the glass. The accent emits warm feeling to anyone who looks at it. The frame itself has walnut color finishing that accentuating warmth. It is another example of hanging front porch light fixtures with champagne water glass type.

  1. Japanese Lantern Style Fixture

It is clear that Japanese lantern becomes the inspiration for this design. The structure looks like traditional lantern with linen glass in opaque color to make the light inside looking gentler as it comes out. The frame has black finishing and it is equipped with 8 feet chain.

The seven interesting designs of hanging front porch light fixtures above should be considered as additional piece in your house. They are not only functional. The designs will immediately capture anyone’s gaze and inviting them to your house.