Container Garden Pots for Your Hobby in Gardening

Gardening is hobby that people like for spending leisure time. With proper care, your hobby will turn into professional gardener, although you just start it in backyard or even no yard at all. The simplest way to grow plant is by using container garden pots.

Container and Pots for Plants

simple container garden pots » Container Garden Pots for Your Hobby in Gardening

Urban and city development reduce open soil. People live in apartment or small house with no yard at all. Some of them have enough space on outdoor, but still no proper soil for plants. This is where pots and container become the right option. You can plant anywhere as long as there is enough space to put your pots.

  1. Functions and capability

Container garden pots have a function to keep the soil in order to continue gardening. That’s the main function for using this tool in your home. Plant and soil have to be in good term, including the water level. For such purpose, the pots have small hole at below to control water and leak system. This capability is different between one container and another.

  1. Soil and land

One common question when trying to do gardening in container is soil capability. For your information, many stores sell soil and related products that specifically for this project. You just purchase directly then start to put inside the pots carefully. Fertilizer is also available and each type of soil has different compound. Some types contain high iron with more nutritious metal. On the other side, the mild soil helps for relatively minor plants.

  1. Plants and flower

If you already have soil and container, the next thing is what plants you want to keep. Flower and vegetables are the most common plants for gardening. With limited space, you can grow tomatoes in container. This plant is favorite choice due to easy to adjust in tight space. Moreover, tomatoes seem to produce fine fruits even when they are not in the best environment. For flower, you should check the local garden and find the best seeds for container garden pots.

  1. Container design and style

Pot or container has several designs and styles. The simplest and most common one is basket style with tiny holes at the bottom for water maintenance. This kind of container comes in various size from small to extreme large. Of course, you choose one that’s suitable for your space. Small and medium pot is enough for tomatoes.

Some container garden pots are specifically designed for certain purpose. You may see garden with patio container which contains soil. This is garden pot for large purpose. Flower and other plants are in that place. Big pots are suitable for porch and balcony. Moreover, the plants can grow extensively in outdoor area as long as there is enough water and nutrition.

  1. Floating pots

Another style is floating pot or container. It is good option for extreme limited space, but you want to feel green and nature. The pots are mounted vertically on the wall in single or separated arrangement. One pot is enough for several plants. If you decide to choose this option, container garden pots need the strong holder to prevent falling apart easily and keep the pots in stable position.