Commercial Office Building Design Ideas

Bring something new at commercial office building for your employee goodness – As we all know, a commercial office building is a building that is used for commercial use where we will encounter some types of buildings ranging from offices, warehouses, up to retails. When we live in urban areas, then we will see more commercial buildings than in the countryside. Typically, existing commercial buildings combine two or more functions into one – a building that is used for several things ranging from office on the upper floors and retail on the bottom floor, or a variety of other formats. To be able to establish the type of buildings like this, then we will require a permit from the local government. The government has a policy to regulate the location of each type of building including commercial buildings, so watch it before deciding to do the construction.

There are several trends that are currently being popularly associated with commercial office building and the following is the list:

(1) there are many tenants who decide to reduce the amount of office space requirements, or in other words, decided to use a room with a smaller size for the employees. They decided to do this due to several things including the economic crisis. To achieve this goal, many tenants are looking for a building with a design that is able to provide the flexibility they want.


(2) The changes of office designs – there is a significant shift in design is becoming a trend these days where there was no high cubes walls surrounding every employee that we know as the working space, and has been replaced with a dividing wall sized lower or even without any baffle at all that allows each employee can communicate at any time and this design brings a positive effect (makes performance and increased employee morale). No more the impression of stiff, formal, and self-limiting in today’s office design.

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