Colonial House Design Plans

gorgeous colonial house design 735x400 - Colonial House Design Plans

Talking about Colonial house design, then we will be back on the memories of the past in which for the first time this is a house designed and built by the first European settlers in the States. The design and style of the house is similar to the style of the medieval buildings are charming British-owned where we would get a house with two floors, house with steep square or rectangular shape, large size, has a fireplace and chimney, gabled roofs, the presence of central door, and the application of the hallway home interior. All these things mentioned as the basic design for Colonial house which then developed to date and become popular.

Then, what cultures and nations that influence the design style of a colonial house? Well, there are several countries contribute actively in the design of colonial homes ranging from New England to Georgia. To be sure, we will get a fairly simple construction with house decided to implement this and at the end of the construction, we will get a home with a style that is elegant and charming.

Today, we can find that there are two main styles of Colonial house designed and made ​​namely the colonial revival style and neo-colonial style. For the colonial revival style, we will get a combined colonial style house with a variety of cultural elements such as the New England, Saltbox, and Southern. As for the neo-colonial style, this is a home that combines traditional style of colonial architect with a more modern design resulting in a more charming. If we decide to apply the Colonial house design, then we have to be on the right track – especially if we are enthusiasts of tradition and history, then this is a design house that would give us a style that is sure to satisfy our desire for the history and tradition affects the construction of this colonial house.