Climbing Walls for Kids with Unique and Attractive Designs

It is always good to introduce some good activities for kids. One of them is the wall climbing. This is actually one of the extreme sports. However, it does not mean that kids cannot play the sport. In fact, it is good activity to introduce and they will love to learn climbing. In this case, the climbing walls for kids can be installed in the house or outside the house, so kids can try to climb the walls.

Some Ideas of Climbing Walls for Kids

fun kid climbing walls » Climbing Walls for Kids with Unique and Attractive Designs

It may sound unsafe for kids to do wall climbing. However, when it comes to safety, it depends on the parents. Moreover, wall climbing for kids is not kind of tall and risky wall climbing. It is more about ways to help them learning some activities that involve their muscles and body coordination. For the nice reference of climbing walls, you may check these ideas.

  1. Tree climbing walls

First, there is nice design of climbing walls for kids. It is in a form of tree. There is a tree painted on the wall, and then there are some stones to climb around the picture of tree. It looks nice since the tree comes in colorful picture and the stones are also painted in various colors.

The image of tree is also to trigger the kids. By climbing the wall, it is like climbing a tree. There are also some pictures of fruits that can become the target for your kids. All of the stones are made big, so it is easy for kids to grasp and hold them.

  1. Cave climbing wall

The next idea of climbing walls for kids is still for the indoor location. Specifically, it is located in the bedroom. The bedroom and climbing wall is combined and it gives the interior of cave as the bedroom design. Of course, it looks unique and kids will love it.

All parts of wall are made as the climbing walls. That is why there are many stones scattered on most parts of wall. The stones and blocks are made colorful to give better vibe in the room since the whole room is actually dominated by the dark tone of cave color.

Even, there is also part with diagonal side. It is interesting since kids who already master the basic climbing can try to climb the diagonal wall. There are also soft surface on the floor as the protection.

  1. Outdoor climbing wall

Then, the third reference of climbing walls for kids is located outdoor. However, it is not designed as what adults have. The climbing wall is made as part of the playground. It is shaped like a triangle. It imitates a volcano.

Each side of the volcano has stones that will be the access to climb the wall. There are also holes as alternative of access to climb the wall. Then, the volcano is divided into some rooms, so kids can try to climb and enter the room.

Those are some good ideas of climbing wall for children. Kids will love to play the sports. Moreover, they come in unique and attractive design. These surely will accommodate the kids who love to move. Surely, these climbing walls for kids will become useful reference.