fabulous green roofs building 520x300 - Green Roofs Building Design Ideas

Green Roofs Building Design Ideas

Green roofs building is one way that we can do to cool the building while adding carbon dioxide magnet to the room underutilized. Implementing green roofs will take us on a range of positive impacts on the environment including the management... Read more →
wonderful outdoor fireplace design 520x300 - Outdoor Fireplace Design Trends

Outdoor Fireplace Design Trends

The fireplace is one of the decorative elements that when added to a room will make the room look more attractive. There are basically two types of fireplaces that we can apply the outdoor and indoor with different designs. For outdoor fireplace... Read more →
beautiful rooftop home garden 520x300 - Rooftop Garden Design Ideas for Your Home

Rooftop Garden Design Ideas for Your Home

For most people, rooftop home garden is not a new thing. Many roofs of houses decades ago were used as a place for gardening. Maximizing every vacant place as green land has become a popular thing done by the majority of people who enjoy gardening.... Read more →
amazing window box planter 520x300 - Window Box Planter Design Ideas

Window Box Planter Design Ideas

Window box planters are basically a very perfect idea to bring a more charming window display, as well as a perfect diversion of blank walls that are too simple to be shown to everyone. And so the display of window box looks more attractive,... Read more →
extraordinary garden fountain design 520x300 - Outdoor Garden Fountain Design Ideas

Outdoor Garden Fountain Design Ideas

Talking of outdoor garden fountain, then this is tantamount to talking about how to bring a decoration that is able to add a beautiful display gardens and the house as a whole. Outdoor fountains come in several sizes ranging from 2 feet to 6... Read more →
awesome rooftop deck 520x300 - Rooftop Deck Design Inspirations

Rooftop Deck Design Inspirations

This article discusses about some things to consider when we want to apply certain rooftop deck design namely the quality of the roof itself and its power. In addition, this article also describe about two main things in order to make the design... Read more →
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