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Housing Building Architecture Design Plans

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Get green concept for your housing building architecture – If we are currently planning to undertake housing building architecture, then the lifestyle and taste are two things that will greatly influence the architectural design of the house that we

Concrete Architecture Design Plans

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Open up your mind for unlimited concrete architecture designs – When we hear the following two words – concrete architecture, what occurred in our minds? Certainly will be a lot of different answers to that question. To be sure,

Natural Ventilation System Design Ideas

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Bring natural ventilation with considering your home design and wind direction – Natural ventilation is one of the important components that need our attention when we are designing or constructing a building. It is part of a passive system

Educational Building Construction Ideas

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Talking about the educational building will bring us to a system that contribute to the energy consumption behavior of occupants of buildings – both residential and other buildings (commercial and industry) where the system is basically played an important

Landscape Architecture Design References

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Landscape architecture is a profession that makes a person’s work and or modifies set of features from a wide variety of landscapes for the intended purpose – either for aesthetic purposes or for practical purposes. It is a distinct

Transparent House Design Plans

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Would you mind to have such kind of this house? Currently, the building of transparent house design could we find popping up in various parts of the world. One of the houses that implement transparent design is a house

Glass Facade Building Design Ideas

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The use of glass facade building currently in great demand because it is quite interesting, and without a doubt it will be able to provides the aesthetic appeal of a building. There is a wide selection of glass with

Sustainable Building Design Types

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Sustainable building design also known as green building design. It is a building that is designed to be more efficient, have positive energy, making people who are in it to stay healthy, and have levels of pollution and waste

Architecture Interior Design Knowledge

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Architecture interior design are the words we often hear and certainly very familiar to anyone. But, have we ever occurred that apparently this is a profession that requires a high degree of imaginative power along with the ability to

Contemporary Home Design Plans

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Applying contemporary home design will take us on a style that focuses on the use of strong geometric shapes. This is one of the popular styles used by many homeowners in recent years. The popularity of the contemporary style