Cape Cod Home Design Plans

If we intend to apply the Cape Cod house design, then we will apply a warm house, comfortable, and has the feel of a very thick English countryside. It is a house that has a romantic feel full of charm that is sure to have the characteristic of England. For a Cape Cod style house, we will find a home with wide board walls, prominent chimneys, steep roof, comes with a 2 or 1 and a half storey house, has a multi-paned window with a symmetrical front door. It is a very popular and widely applied by homeowners today. Symmetrical appearance makes it look quite interesting especially with the placement of the chimney makes the house more and more the norm. Chimney is positioned at an offset of any side of the house.

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Then, how about the process of development? Does it require an expensive price to have a home with a design like this? Well, in fact, is quite encouraging because we can easily implement this design in a house with a fairly cheap price when compared with other traditional home. Yeah, it’s because of the size we are going to get is relatively smaller. Before applying the house with this design, we must be able to understand all the terms associated with this home including location, features, and size.

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Cape Cod rod house design comes with a wide selection of beautiful colors for interior design ranging from sea green, sea blue, to beige. We can apply the color on the walls to make the house look more WOW. As for the colors that we can apply to furniture and other components such as the doors, we could use a pure white color. For the floor, we can apply a hardwood floor that will make the interior more enchanting. For all the room of the house we can apply wood floors except for the kitchen and bathroom where we can apply the tiles or other flooring types.

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