Breakfast Bar Chair Design Ideas

Using and applying breakfast bar chairs will give us some advantages. One thing is for sure, this will be a very precise idea to save more space in the kitchen or dining room with small size and limited. The presence of this type of chair would be helpful to provide additional space required and able to give the room the display in accordance with what we want. There are many designs and styles of bar chairs that we can find and apply. Consider the style of the room decor when choosing this type of seat so that we could get a matching style harmonization in the room. Breakfast bar usually has a height of approximately 30 inches so as to bar chairs, choose one that has a height of about 20 inches so that we will feel comfortable when sitting on it.

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Popular material used for the bar chairs are wooden. But we can also find a wide selection of other materials that are tailored to the look we want to show and taste, respectively. The use of breakfast bar chairs that are made ​​of wood comes in a wide selection of designs and styles. There are several types of wood were used ranging from oak, cherry, maple, and others.

For oak, we will find a natural pattern on seat design that will add a beautiful appearance of the chair, strong, sturdy, and quite heavy.

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For maple wood, we’ll find a pattern of tight grained wood and includes a very popular type of wood used.

For cherry wood, we will find that the yield pattern stained wood look and are able to produce a dark red color (depending on the age of the wood).

Other material we can choose to give a cool look at the room is bamboo. By applying the design bamboo for bar chairs, then we will get a seat strong, flexible, and natural.

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