Black and White Interior Design Themes

charming black and white bathroom interior - Black and White Interior Design Themes

Applying black and white interior design of a room in the house will bring a fresh feel, sleek, and modern. The interior design of a house is considered as one of the things that are able to reflect the personality and tastes of the homeowner. Wide choice of decoration is applied to a home will reveal the flavor and taste of the homeowner. When we have a house with interior design carefully selected according to taste, then we will bring a charming house. Conversely, if we have a house that is laid out without any attention and consideration, then we will get a home that is cluttered and chaotic. When we apply the color choices, they are also able to express the personality we have and if we want to bring the feel of modern and classic at a time, then we can apply the colors black and white.

vintage black and white living room interior - Black and White Interior Design Themes

If we want to apply black and white interior design, then here are some of the examples.

The first is to present a modern feel – we can apply a combination of two colors through a variety of decorative elements from the combined use of white tiles with black leather sofa, apply white tile combined with black tiles as the border or placed the black tiles in each corner, apply black coffee table with the glass at the top combined with white vase, and others. To reinforce the impression of modern in the room, make sure we bring the design is sleek, clean, and straight to the furniture and other decorative elements. Do not forget to apply some of the items that have a geometric shape. For lighting, select lighting that is able to bring out the charm of a white wall using the recessed lighting or wall sconces apply.

The second is to present a vintage feel – this is one design that has been chosen by homeowners as interesting classic atmosphere we can get easily. To bring the vintage feel to a room, we can add a gray color to bring exceptional dramatic impression as well as old black and white TV.

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