Bean Bag Chairs as the Ultimate Comfy Chair

Chair is one of essential furniture at home. In fact, there are a lot of people who have many different kinds of chairs in their house. Along with the increasing demand in market, designers started to design and create various chairs. There is one type that’s stand out and topping all other chairs until now. Well, it is the bean bag chairs, which is still highly demanded in the market.

What are Bean Bag Chairs?

Well, bean bag chairs were first introduced in 1969 by Italian designer Gatti, Paoplini, and Teodora while watching their coworker sitting on Styrofoam bags during their breaks. The chair is literally a sealed bag filled with dried beans, although nowadays we can use other materials for stuffing.

compact bean bag chairs » Bean Bag Chairs as the Ultimate Comfy Chair

Here are the reasons why bean bag is one of the best chairs ever invented.

  1. It is comfy

Bean bag has soft stuffing that will mold with any of body position of whoever sits on them. What else can be better than this? You can adjust the position to your feel, sit upright, cross your leg, lying on your back, or even sleep without any worry. The stuffing inside will follow your body position and make you sit without having to think about backache.

  1. Easy to make

If you like to make DIY bean bag chairs, you can easily make it. All you need to do is just finding a wide fabric; sew it to be a hemisphere. Then, fill it with soft and squishy things like quilt and pillow stuffing, rice, old clothes or even beans. Moreover, you can finish the fabric sewing and put a zip. There you have it: the DIY ultimate comfy chair

  1. The affordable choice

You did not need to worry as these chairs are not expensive. Looking at how easy to make it by yourself, it is surely affordable. It even stands out with other types of furniture as one of tight budget furniture.

  1. Light and compact design

Light and compact is the best advantages of bean bag. The stuffing does not weigh that much and can fill whatever space it has on the floor. Therefore, it can offer good option if you have a guest coming. Just put it in living room when your guests come. You can also carry around the bean bag chairs without pulling too many muscles.

  1. The stylish and flexible chair

Bean bag also has an easy put-in and put-out cover. You can design the cover with anything you want and also change it anytime. This is a great power to have as a piece of furniture and it will be able to easily fill the artistic feeling in the house. In addition, the design perfectly matches the feeling of modern interior, especially when you choose the proper colors.

Well, with all those advantages of bean bag chairs, no wonder it is highly demanded on market. Yes, the furniture can fill any space inside your house, affordable, easy to clean, and stylish.