Bay Window Seat Design Ideas

Bay window seat will be very interesting because it makes someone able to utilize the bay window as well. Someone will be able to sit there and doing their small activities. Ability to utilize every part inside a home optimally is one benefit for every people who own it. Some part of home like bay window sometimes becomes one problem that makes the home owner difficult to utilize all parts of the home. Bay window can be defined as a part inside a home which designed unequal and usually the home owner will put window that allows seeing outside. But do not worry because there is bay window seat that can be done yourself, or asking help for other people.

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Bay window seat will allow you to use the bay part of your home comfort. You can open the window and feel the fresh air touch your skin. You can also sitting near the window and reading a book there. It sounds very interesting, isn’t it? If you are interested to have that, you can do it with simple way. One benefit of making the seat by yourself is you can create it depends on your preference.

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First of all you have to have the bay seat design. While designing the bay window seat you ought to measure the size of the bay so you can buy the tools for the bay precisely. After having the measurement result, you can buy the tools that you will need such as boards of wood, nails, and paint. Then you can start making the seat with drawing your design at the bay window using chalk or pen.

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Then you can start to design a frame according to the pattern that you have drawn before. Do it carefully especially when nail one board to another. You have to make sure that you make strong bay seat. You can also make the bay window seat as storage under the seat so you can keep some of your belongings there, although the storage is not too broad but at least you can utilize the bay greatly. Finally, do not forget to choose interesting color for the bay seat.

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