Bay Window Curtain Design Models

Bay window curtain comes in a wide selection of designs and styles that we can choose to consider the tastes and needs of each of us. Basically, bay windows consist of 3 pieces window combined into one large window in the shape of a polygon or square shape. The main function bay window is put more air and natural light into our home. And because of that goal, we will find a room that looks spacious, large, and wide. To be able to maximize the unique view of the bay window, then we will need proper curtains so it will not result in a dull appearance.

beautiful bay window curtain » Bay Window Curtain Design Models

Here are some types of curtains that we can choose to apply.

(1) Valances – we can give a beautiful look to the bay windows with valances apply. Use valances along with blinds for giving us the privacy needed. By applying valances, then we will get a bay window perfect decoration.

(2) Long curtain – we can use long curtains to create a more attractive appearance to the bay windows. We can divide the long curtains and produces 2 different curtains, blinds or use the length to reach the floor which will give an incredible look while providing a level of privacy we wanted. When we parted the curtain to the side, then this will make us enjoy the interesting sights to be enjoyed.

simple bay window curtain » Bay Window Curtain Design Models

(3) Fabrics – there are so many types of fabric that can be used as for bay windows curtains with a wide selection of designs, patterns, and styles depending on our tastes. The important thing is how we can choose the right fabrics with a color scheme that can work well with the style of decoration that we apply to the room. Also, do not forget to make sure we are thinking about the fabric you select a dependable durability and certainly have the look that can make the room look more WOW.

(4) Drapes – we can combine drapes with valances with a lighter color so that we can get more light and get privacy as well.

gorgeous bay window curtain » Bay Window Curtain Design Models