Backyard Chicken Coops with Healthy and Attractive Concepts

There can be many kinds of animal to keep and grow in the house. In this case, chicken is one of them. It can be interesting experience to raise chicken in your house. Chicken should have their own house or coop, and it has to be designed well. In this case, having some ideas of backyard chicken coops can give good reference of how to see them grow and care for these animals.

Some ideas of backyard chicken coops

It is not only cats and dogs that need comfortable house. When you also raise chickens, you need to make them nice coops as well. Your backyard is great spot to build your castle for chickens. It becomes one of nice spots in the house where you can see chickens live and grow. For the references, these are some ideas.

  1. Chicken coop with raised perch

The first design of backyard chicken coops has raised perch. It is kind of nice design. It looks great to see the raised part, so it leaves empty space under the coop. In fact, it is designed this way in order to give some benefits. First of them is to protect your chickens. By having part raised from the ground, it gives more protection from the other animals that may attack your chickens.

Then, the raised perch is also designed to keep the coop dry. It is important to keep the chicken house dry since high level of moisture can give them some health problems. Moreover, the raised perch is also useful since rain will never make the perch full of water.

In addition to the perch, the backyard chicken coops also have open space where there is no wood plank as the wall. This gives better air circulation for the coop and it is also become the gate for the chickens to leave the house. For the safety, it gets locking system made of metal.

  1. Multi-level chicken coop

Then, the next idea is good for you who have many chickens. As its name, it is coop in which its space is divided into two levels. Of course, it gives more space for your chickens. The good point is that the design is made unique, so it looks like a residential house.

In term of design, most parts are made from wood. There are transparent part protected by thin layers, but these are sturdy. Then, the wood is colored in red for the main colors. For the frame, there are white. These give attractive color combination.

In term of function, there is great idea of backyard chicken coops. The coop is equipped with tray that can be pulled out. This look simple, but it will enable you to clean the coop since all things will be thrown on the tray. By having it, it is not necessary to clean the interior of coop every day.

There is also mesh windows. The windows are designed to give better air circulation. It will make sure that the coop has good circulation. It will also prevent the awful odors since the can easily enter the coop. Of course, it will also give better health for your chickens.

These two ideas will be enough to give reference about the coops. There are many kinds of designs, and there are always good ways to have stylish and interesting coops. Surely, these can give great reference of backyard chicken coops.

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