Baby Nursery Decorating Themes

This article describes about some baby nursery themes that we can try to apply such as the theme of animals, the theme of cartoon characters, the floral theme, and the teddy bear theme. This article also describes about some things we have to consider before applying certain theme namely the comfort and the safety for our baby.

The presence of a baby in the middle of the family will surely provide sensation for anyone and prepare everything for the baby who will be born into the world is a job that is fun to do the prospective parents. There is a lot of work that we must do in order to bring the baby nursery as you wish, including setting up a specific theme in the room to help us in making the arrangement. Baby nursery theme comes in several options that we can choose based on the tastes of each prospective parent with consider the gender of the baby.

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Here are some of the themes that we can try to apply the baby nursery.

(1) The theme of animals – this is one of the popular theme that has been chosen by the prospective parents in order to present the appearance of a beautiful and fun with images of various types of animals. It is expected that children will love and love every animal as he grows. There are many animal prints that we can apply starting from the walls of the room to various other trinkets.

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(2) The theme of cartoon characters – there are many cartoon characters or TV that we can choose to then apply on a baby nursery including Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty, Winnie the Pooh, and others. We can also consider choosing a cartoon character based on the sex of the baby. We can choose to get various items and knick-knacks in accordance with the cartoon characters and presents an attractive appearance and eye catching.

(3) The floral theme – this is a theme that will give a fresh impression to the room where we can apply a variety of flowers ranging from walls, curtains, until the baby blanket. The colors are varied and diverse designs that will make the room bright atmosphere.

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(4) The teddy bear theme – we can choose to apply a teddy bear theme by incorporating some elements of the bear into the room. It will require a high creativity and imagination so as not to make the room look dark and dull because of the dominance of dark colors teddy bear.

In addition to getting baby nursery theme that suits our tastes, do not forget to consider the convenience and safety factors into the room. Both of these things can we present to consider several things such as the use of non-toxic paint, furniture with child-friendly design, and others.

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