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Simplify your life – When we talk about architectural design, then we will talk about a significant development in the world of architecture. From time to time, we can find a variety of attractive designs ranging from the simple to the intricate and complex designs. All for one goal – make every eye of the beholder satisfying. Along with the higher level of public awareness on the issue of global warming world, the various buildings are designed also comes in a variety of design options that are more environmentally friendly and incorporate a number of elements of nature.

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There are many designs of buildings that can be found in various corners of the world are trying to built and dedicated in order to be better environmental balance. And one of them is a building called the “Yourtopia”. It is a pavilion that when viewed from a far shapes no such pavilions in general because it resembles a grassy hill with a shape like an igloo. When we set foot into the pavilion, we will be greeted with a variety of words that are engraved in the steel doors ranging from old – young, beautiful – fake, people – face, love – the lonely, nature – chaos, war – animal, and others of which are regarded as being able to strengthen the impression that we are in a holy place rather than create the impression that we are on the architectural experiment.

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It is a pavilion that is considered very appropriate for use as a place to escape for a moment from the routine of life that often makes us feel tired and exhausted. Located right next to the housing modernity Netherlands called “Nieuwe Bouwen”, this pavilion offers something different. Although the inside of the pavilion does not imply a luxurious appearance, but able to provide the comfort needed by each person. We could say this is an architectural design that will make our lives more fun because there is a place we can go when everything in life started uncontrollably.

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