Apartment Entryway Design Ideas

If we decide to give an apartment entryway design that can enhance the look of the apartment as a whole become more charming and attractive, then there are several ways that we can apply. Anyway, before it needs to be known that an entryway or foyer is the first area that will see by our guests when they get into our house or apartment. To make a good impression, it will be very important for us to decorate the entryway to consider the tastes and abilities of each of us. Make sure we decorate entryways in order to make the home look more welcoming and inviting by applying a minimalist design. We choose the minimalist design because usually entryway is a room that is small and cramped – especially when we live in an apartment. Consider the style of the living room decor when designing the entryway so that we will get harmonization of decorations between the two.

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Here is the apartment entryways design can let us apply:

(1) Place a small table or a corner table in the entrance way under the mirror to serve two terms – both form and function. To add more warm nuances, add a small bowl made ​​of glass as a place for keys or letters we receive and put plants in pots to give the impression of a classic.

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(2) Bring the nuance of dramatic design at entryway. We can do this by applying paint the walls with a different color or contrast of the living room. When we have a narrow entryway and small, then choose such of bright colored of wall paint and warm to turn on the room. Note the layout of some items of furniture and decorations inside in order to create a charming design.

(3) Add a light in the entryway by installing mirrors and lights to shoo away some dark shades and cool in the room.

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